Let’s begin at the beginning …


Hello, my name is Richard Allen and I’m 25 years of age. I am a keen football and basketball fan and enjoy watching films and TV. The biggest passion in my life, however, is music.

Music was prominent in my life from an early age, with artists such as Buddy Holly and Queen somewhat of a permanent fixture in my house. This passion only grew stronger as I got older. My teenage years were spent in sweaty venues up and down the country, attending as many gigs as possible, both big and small, fuelling my passion for live music. I count Frank Turner, Arctic Monkeys and Muse amongst my favourite artists but I am open to a whole variety of different genres.

In 2010, I earned a degree in journalism and, whilst my love for writing has never ceased, I am starting this blog in a bid to rekindle that excitement. Here, I will review music, suggest new songs to listen to, and generally record my thoughts on all things music-related.

If you share my passion for music then this is the blog for you.


2 thoughts on “Let’s begin at the beginning …

  1. Proclaimed Oat says:

    You have a great taste in music, let me say that. Where would I be without my Arctic Monkey phase, the recent obsession with Muse, or many more not so well-known bands?! I can totally relate. Good luck with the blog, count me in 🙂


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